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Learn About Wisdom Teeth

Learn About Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth—also called third molars—are generally the last teeth to develop and emerge. The way in which wisdom teeth grow can become problematic because they often interfere with the health, growth, and placement of the other teeth. Sometimes they even grow sideways, erupt only partially, or don’t erupt at all. For these reasons, most people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point or another.

Some reasons your dentist may recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth include:

  • They grow in out-of-position and crowd or displace surrounding teeth
  • They become impacted (fail to erupt and remain beneath the gums or bone)
  • They cause swelling of the gums
  • To alleviate general pain and discomfort caused by improper growth

Luckily, the wisdom teeth extraction procedure is simpler, faster, and more comfortable than ever. Our talented team at Wilmington Dental Group have performed numerous extractions successfully and with minimal discomfort. Your dentist will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns about the removal of your wisdom teeth with you as well as help you best plan your procedure and subsequent care.

To schedule a wisdom tooth extraction consultation, or if you have any questions about your options, please feel free to contact Wilmington Dental Group today.

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