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Prevent White Spots From Braces

There’s no better feeling than finally getting your braces removed. And no worse feeling than realizing that some teeth have a ghost-like silhouette of your braces! White spots are extremely common. How can you reduce your chances of developing these noticeable spots?

What Causes These Demineralized Areas?

Having braces or anything else in your mouth provides an extra surface for bacteria to collect on. The bacteria are what make up dental plaque. Leaving plaque undisturbed around your braces keeps it in contact with your teeth.

The bacteria in plaque produce waste products that are extremely acidic. This acid has the potential to wear down tooth enamel. As the enamel weakens from mineral loss, it develops a chalky white appearance.

It’s easy to miss spots around your braces while brushing your teeth. It’s also tempting to skip brushing sessions. However, the longer plaque sits in one spot, the more likely it is to cause a white spot on your tooth.

Hygiene is Key

Obviously, the best thing you can do to avoid white spot lesions is to avoid the plaque buildup that leads to them in the first place.

Brushing after each meal is ideal. Make sure that when you brush you are accessing all angles around the brackets. Some people find that a powered toothbrush and/or a water flosser help them do a thorough job.

Fight Back with Fluoride

Studies indicate that using plenty of fluoride can keep the acidic plaque formation to a minimum. Fluoride reinforces the mineral structure of enamel to make it much more resistant to the effects of acid exposure.

You can also reduce acid levels in your mouth by reaching for fresh, natural foods including whole grains as opposed to the refined sugars in processed items.

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