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How Vitamin D Could Be Crucial to Your Oral Health

Posted on: June 17th, 2016 | Posted by | Posted in Diet, Health Tips, Lifestyle

There are mixed reviews regarding just how vitamin D could prevent specific diseases. But the one fact that’s not up for debate is that vitamin D is important enough for your body to produce it by itself. This happens when you are exposed to a healthy amount of sunlight.

Vitamin D: Why Your Body Needs It

Vitamin D is essential for helping your bones to absorb calcium. Without calcium, your bone tissue cannot renew and fortify itself as it needs to. If bone wears away faster than it can be built up, then it becomes ever more susceptible to fracture.

Periodontal disease is the breakdown of the ligaments and bone supporting your teeth. It seems likely that if your jaw bone is already weakened by a lack of vitamin D, then it could break down even more quickly. This increases your chance of tooth loss.

Vitamin D Could Lower Your Risk for Chronic Infection

This vitamin also plays a role in keeping your immune system functioning smoothly. What does this have to do with your smile? Vitamin D deficiencies have also been linked to the presence of chronic inflammatory infections, like periodontal disease. So having plenty of vitamin D could balance out your body’s immune response, making it easier to fend off gum disease.

Vitamin D is essential for kids while their teeth are still developing. A vitamin D deficiency in children can result in weakened bones and teeth. This, in turn, could increase the likelihood that the child will easily develop cavities.

Make sure you talk with your child’s doctor about getting any necessary vitamin D supplementation.

This doesn’t mean that taking a vitamin D supplement will simply get rid of your periodontal disease. If you have gum problems, your best bet is to schedule a consultation with our dental specialists at Wilmington Dental Group.


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